Our Programs & Activities

Advocacy for respect for the dignity of every human being, with emphasis on children who are with special needs.
(Our advocacy is more by doing the needful, down-to-earth rather than mere talk shop or propaganda).

Infrastructural Development which spans the following;

    A group of special schools for:
  • The deaf and hearing impaired.
  • Children with Autism and learning disabilities.
  • The blind and visually impaired.
  • Normal children and Orphans.

Home for orphans and children with special need.
(Note: there is a lot more stress taking care of one severely handicapped child –or adult- than taking care of 20 or more children that are not handicapped).

Food and nutrition (soup kitchen) programme which provides one free meal daily for the needy in Benin City and Ossiomo community of ex-lepers.
(currently serves about 250 regular beneficiaries, mainly children).

Special Sports and Recreational Facility.

Skill Acquisition Programmes.

Emergency Shelter Facility.

Guidance and Counseling.

Not disabled, just differently-abled

for those helpless childrens who need it