My lifeguiding principle:
Be Absolutely Loyal To The LORD GOD Of All Creations and Treat Others The Way You Would
Like Others To Treat You And Your Loved Ones.
I am an engineer by profession and was registered by the Engineers Registration Board of the
British Council of Engineering Institutions.
Courtesy of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO) in association with
the Federal Government of Nigeria, I under went a strategic and intensive post-graduate diploma
programme in Industrial Management. The purpose was to prepare me maximally to help with
the drive of the country’s planned massive industrialization in the1980s. At that time,Nigeria
had incredibly huge potentials tobe come one of the foremost industrialized countries in the
world-with enormous potentials to make it well ahead of such countries like ChinaandBrazil. I
knew . I did the research. In addition, the United Nations and the Western world were very eager
to give Nigeria their maximum support. Infact, they had begun to do so.I was so very
enthusiastic about the wholeidea. I was one of the few Nigerian officials on the frontline to
pilot the actualization of the industrialization plan.
But, verysadly, the Nigerian high and mighty of that era frustrated me. They side-lined meand,
with inducements, they bought oversome of those who tried with me to emphasize
uncompromising zero-tolerance for corruption in the whole process.Today,
the rest is history,sad history.
(If the foundations are broken…..Psalm11:3).
I chose to forgo my practice as an engineer and opted for full-time humanitarian services as my
chosen vocation-touching lives abitmore directly-and which is where I derive more inner
In1992, I was elected a fellow of world renowned Ashoka: Innovators For the Publician
recognition of some world-class innovative ideas which,through ChariLove in1990, I brought
into socialwork.
Before ChariLove, the practice of training and rehabilitation of persons living with disability was
generally by sharp dicho to my every where.For example, it was generally centressolely for the
blind,centressolely for the deaf,centressolely for the physically challenged,e.t.c.
One of the ideas I cameup with through ChariLove was the bringing of persons of diverse
disabilities TOGETHER under acommon umbrella,for training, rehabilitation and development
purposes. I have always loved the idea of INCLUSIVENESS even in aloneness. It was my
RELATIONSHIP of all of nature.
It was the ChariLove’s newall-inclusive concept, I believe,that gave rise to present day inclusive
schools and the formation of various” joint associations.”
Viewing the spirit of the Rotary4-Way Testasone of the goodtools we could promote and use
to help address the Nigerian moral problem,I developed interest in the Rotary Club and initiated
the formation of the Rotary Club of Benin King’s Square and was subsequently elected the
Charter President. We the founding members agreed that modest ChariLove Centre would be
the club’s permanent meeting venue.We then set about putting our resources together and
generating ideas that soon began to make the club unique and attractive. The ultimate hope
was that we would beable,in the best interest of Nigeria,to make the club into a role-model
club that would serve as alight house for other social service clubs in Nigeria and beyond.Afew
years later,to my dismay ,the club was infiltrated, hijacked and distorted by somefolks.I pray
the club will regain the initialide and vision.
I had robust opportunities to make real money and accumulate properties and thus,be
celebrated in Nigeria if that was ever my ambition.But,because that is clearly not my ambition,I
refuse to join the Nigerian insanerat-race for vanities-money and position.
(See more in my”Reflection on My Opportunities”).
I worked in Shell-BP,later Shell as a technical staff,and with the federal government of Nigeria
where I headed one of its strategic Industrial Development Centres(IDC)
or somewhile,before proceeding to the USA as a trainee Catholic missionary.I was almost
overwhelmed with uncommon opportunities and wooing to stay and establish myself in theUSA.
The temptation was disturbing.But,following my retreat at the Jesuit Retreat Centre in
Werner sville,Pennsylvania,I yielded to acompelling inner voice or call tore turn to Nigeria to
contribute my best with the prayers and hope to help build a Nigeria and Africa that would beas
humane,as developed,and as beautiful and lovely as Europe and America,if not better-withall
the potentials.
ChariLove Foundation (akaProjectChariLove), even though incredibly unappreciated and
stunted by Nigerians and the Nigeria’s horrible operating environment ,remains my expression
of that inner call,response and commitment.
If ChariLove Foundation (akaProjectChariLove) had been” born and raised” outside Nigeria,
with the quality of ideas behind it, and with the amount of passionate effort and commitment
we so faithfully applied all these years,I am very convinced that ChariLove would today have
become a globally celebrated Non-governmental organization.
All thesame,I will keep doing my best.
I am celibate.
My down-to-earth simple lifestyle is totally my personal choice.It has entailed the giving of
virtually not only all that I have,but all that I am as well.
e thank GOD for all the effort.
I feel frustrated with the situation in Nigeria today.I think it’s because I seem to have an
obsession for a better Nigeria,a better Africa,and a better humanity.
May GOD, to Whom be all the glory,help us.