Our Work

It is evident that we are passionately into ChariLove (Humanitarian Service) in faithful response to a call by GOD, a call by our conscience and a call by our nature to help provide services that are most critically needed for the benefit of those who are most in need in Nigeria.

To the greater glory of GOD, rendering needful service is our vocation at ChariLove.

Infrastructural Development which spans the following;

      A group of special schools for:
  •  The deaf and hearing impaired.
  •  Children with Autism and learning disabilities.
  •  The blind and visually impaired.
  •  Normal children and Orphans.

Food and Nutrition Programme

We provide free meal daily for the needy in Benin City and Ossiomo community of ex-lepers.
(currently serves about 250 regular beneficiaries, mainly children).


How You Can Get Involved

Call 08073704474 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Project Charilove, Saving Lives Since 1990..

Lives transformed

children placed

vulnerable youths trained

Charilove in a Sentence.

We are a needs-driven, needs-focused and improvement-oriented organization serving in a down-to-earth approach to meet the needs of the less-privileged, especially vulnerable and specially challenged children and youths. Our ACTION speaks at ChariLove.
ChariLove does its advocacy far more by the practical and empathic work we do  -on ground amongst those who are truly in need- rather than by cheap talks. You may wish to COME AND SEE.

charilove in a sentence

ChariLove Centre, Sapele Rd by King's Square, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

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