Who we are

Charilove is a unique Home, Group of Special Schools and a Centre for the holistic care of Orphans and Children with Disabilities and Special Needs.

Established in the year 1990, Located in Benin City, Edo state of Nigeria, Charilove has faithfully and quietly been touching lives ever since.

Charilove is resplendent with several amazing experiences of divine interventions, some of them appearing to be stranger than fiction.


Project chariLove (simply called chariLove) is a needs-sensitive, people-oriented and child prioritized humanitarian service organization.

The organization was conceived to create awareness, generate innovative ideas as well as mobilize resources to pioneer and revolutionize efforts aimed at re-orientating the people and bringing them to shown concern for those with critical needs - such as the physically challenged, the blind and the visually impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired, children with autism and learning disabilities, orphans and vulnerable children, ex-leprosy patients with their literally ostracized children, etc.- and who are not in a position to help themselves.

Our Call & Purpose

It is clearly evident that we are passionately into ChariLove (Humanitarian Service) in faithful response to a call by GOD, a call by our conscience and a call by our nature to help provide services that are most critically needed for the benefit of those who are most in need in Nigeria.

To the greater glory of GOD, rendering needful service is our vocation at ChariLove.

Our Philosophy

“The disabled (or the critically disadvantaged) persons when taught, can learn and become enabled: and when enabled, he can become productive: and when productive, he can become gainfully employed: and when gainfully employed, he can become useful to himself, to his family and society: and when he thus become useful, society and the entire nation will learn and benefit profoundly from the moral and spiritual lessons of such development”.

Our Vision

To see the transformation of Nigerian into a nation that truly cares by placing priority value on the human person and, therefore, on the development of infrastructures and opportunities for the proper empowerment of her less privileged and vulnerable citizens, especially the children.

Our Mission

To be a dynamic team of men and women of integrity and “investors-for-humanity” who will serve to establish and sustain enduring life-transforming infrastructures, centers, programs and services that will be listed among the best in the world.

  • From hopeless to HOPEFUL
  • From Disabled to ENABLED
  • From Excluded to INCLUDED
  • From Unloved to LOVED
  • From Rejected to ACCEPTED
  • From Less privileged to PRIVILEGED



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