Our Vision

The transformation of Nigeria into a nation that truly cares by placing premium value on the human person and therefore, on the creation of opportunities and enabling environment with infrastructure that aid her less-privileged citizens, especially orphans and vulnerable children and youths -those with special needs or weighty challenges- to become the very best they have the potentials to be.

Our Mission

Serving to help bring about a more caring and lovelier country and humanity

Project Charilove, Saving Lives Since 1990..

Lives transformed

children placed

vulnerable youths trained

Charilove Critical Challenges

Two critical challenges that have continued to limit our progress:

  1. The general resistance of the average Nigerian to review his current selfish (corrupt) disposition and mindset.
  2. ChariLove’s lack of adequate support, especially in the areas of funds and, most importantly, of Nigerian citizens who are willing and ready to work genuinely as men, women, and youths for others (rather than for self).

How You Can Get Involved

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ChariLove Centre, Sapele Rd by King's Square, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

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